Tuesday, 16 June 2015

AIB Seed Capital Fund helps Smarter Surfaces grow with 29 new jobs

AIB Seed Capital Fund and Dublin BIC announced 29 new jobs at Irish company Smarter Surfaces, which sells products that can turn any surface into a functional white board. All of these positions will be filled by June 2017, bringing the total number at the company to 44.

The jobs created will focus primarily on international sales, channel management and e-commerce, with the most immediate hires in channel management. The announcement comes as the company has signed a number of new distribution deals worth approximately €6 million over the next two years.

This will see Smarter Surfaces expand its international reach to more than 30 countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Australia, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The company also has a strong presence in Ireland, with the likes of Ci (Dublin Web Summit), Google, LinkedIn and SAP using its products.

Smarter Surfaces has three product ranges, which can turn any flat surface into a reusable whiteboard, magnetic wallpaper or a projector screen, as well as combinations of these such as any wall that would have both magnetic and whiteboard functionality. The company was founded in 2012 as ‘Smart Wall Paint’.

Speaking about the announcement, Denise Doran, Director at Smarter Surfaces, said: “These new jobs are a reflection of our strong and fast growth since 2012, particularly in the international market. We owe a great deal of this success to the AIB Seed Capital Fund and Dublin BIC, who have been working with us since 2013.

Ronan Clarke, Director at Smarter Surfaces added: “We spoke to a number of prospective investors at first. What impressed me most about the AIB Seed Capital Fund and Dublin BIC was its hands-on approach. It is a highly involved and engaged extension of our own team and has contributed greatly to our growth, especially scaling internationally.”

Richard Watson, AIB Seed Capital Fund Investment Manager at Dublin BIC, added: “I’ve been working closely with Smarter Surfaces over the past couple of years. What has impressed me most about the management team is their level of energy, commercial tenacity and continued ability to execute on the company’s ambitious growth plans. It is a first class team and is constantly pushing the envelope on their offering and international scaling.”

“Our goal is to develop strong partnerships with the companies we invest in. We are very active at board level and work closely with management teams in a wide range of strategic, operational and financial aspects of scaling and growth.”