Friday, 26 June 2015

Digital Disruption Impacting 45% of Irish CIOs

The 2015 Harvey Nash CIO Survey, in association with KPMG, has been published in Ireland today, comparing the sentiment of Irish IT leaders with their global counterparts across a range of industry topics.

Almost 4,000 IT executives from over 30 countries took part in this survey – the largest of its kind - capturing a snapshot of the key challenges facing the sector and forecasting trends to come. Among the key insights are:

· Digital is increasingly disrupting businesses: Digital disruption (change resulting from digital technologies that disrupt established business models) is affecting almost half (45%) of Irish CIOs, compared to just a third (34%) of the global IT execs. Those working in the areas of broadcasting, advertising, technology and telecoms are most affected.

· Security is a growing concern: Almost a fifth (17%) of Irish respondents were faced with a major security incident in the past 12 months. But while 90% of global CIOs believe a cyber-attack could damage both their operations and brand image, less than a quarter (23%) believe they’re very well prepared for such an incident, down 6% since last year.

· Skills shortages continue: In line with the global result, most Irish CIOs (58%) believe a lack of talent is holding their company back, with 64% planning to take on extra staff in the coming months, higher than the global average of just 45%. In terms of wages, 29% of Irish IT execs have received a pay rise in the past year, similar to the global average of 31%.

· Stronger representation of women: 11% of responses in Ireland came from female IT leaders, 2% higher than the global average.

· More likely to appoint a Head of Digital: 20% of CIO’s in Ireland currently have a Chief Digital Officer, 3% above than the global average.

· Priorities are changing: The top priority for 72% of Irish CIOs is delivering operational efficiencies, up from 59% last year. The importance of delivering business intelligence has risen by 16% over the past year, to 59%. However, emphasis on the development of new products has fallen by 4% to 54% in the same period.

· CIOs are on the move: Almost a fifth (17%) plan to move roles within the next 12 months, a 4% increase on figures for last year. In comparison, less than one in ten (9%) intend to stay with their current company for the next decade, down slightly (1%) in the past year.

Commenting on the publication of the report, Paul Toner, Partner and Head of Management Consulting at KPMG said: “From an Irish perspective, the results confirm the extent to which digital technology is disrupting traditional business models. As a result, many organisations are changing investment priorities however there is a lack of consistency in the models being used to respond to the challenge.

“Separately, senior decision makers and board members are increasingly aware of cyber security not just as a technology risk, but as a very real threat to their business. Meanwhile it’s encouraging to see that Ireland is outperforming other countries in terms of female IT leaders and that a high proportion of respondents plan to increase their IT headcount.”

Sonya Curley, Managing Director of Harvey Nash Ireland added: “If there was just one message that comes from this survey, it would be the staggering pace of change that is occurring around technology. We have never seen a new role grow so quickly as we have the Chief Digital Officer. We have never seen demand for a skill expand so quickly as we have for big data analytics. As organisations look beyond the recession, there is a sense that it isn’t just business as usual, not only for the IT leader, but also their peers in marketing and operations. It’s an environment that puts the customer at its heart and has a shared, collaborative and experimental approach to technology. For IT leaders who embrace and support this approach, these are exciting times.”

The 2015 Harvey Nash CIO Survey, in association with KPMG, can be viewed at