Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition - Shortlist

The 2015 shortlisted finalists are:

Ivea Labs (Queen’s University Belfast) for their dual-aspect technology solution for the tourism industry that provides statistical information and customer reviews for tourist destinations as well as educational, historical and other information for tourists themselves. The team of four have all just completed their Masters’ in Computer Science (four year undergrad plus fifth year to earn master’s degree).

Mawla (Dublin City University) for their software that allows users to design and build mobile apps through a graphical interface in real time. The team are primarily targeting bloggers, start-ups and online boutiques. They come from engineering and computer science backgrounds.

Bitcove (University College Cork) for on-line platform for buying and selling the Bitcoin digital currency. Their customers include speculators/investors as well merchants and event migrants, who are increasingly using Bitcoins as a cost-effective way of sending money home.

WaterWatch (IT Sligo) for their smart water meter that will allow customers to understand their real-time water consumption and where they can save money