Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Up and Techstars Join together

See notification from UP about tie-up with Techstars.

Up are excited to share some very important news with you. As of today, we are joining forces with top accelerator Techstars to offer programs and resources for every stage of the entrepreneurial journey – from the early stages of inspiration and grassroots community development to more formal education, experience, acceleration, funding and beyond. We are uniting to lead the global entrepreneurial movement with greater impact than either of us can accomplish alone.

Over the past 7 years, UP Global and Techstars have followed different paths within the startup ecosystem and have become leaders in our respective areas of expertise:
UP Global became committed to providing access to entrepreneurship by serving and inspiring grassroots communities.
Techstars has focused on helping entrepreneurs build great companies with long-term economic impact.

Together, we can leverage each other’s areas of expertise and combined resources to make a greater impact on the world by providing more sustainable support for communities through the entire entrepreneurial journey. We will continue to focus on providing access to entrepreneurship and experiential programming, offering stage-appropriate resources, training, and networks to communities, entrepreneurs, and teams.

UP Global programs, including Startup Weekend, Startup Week, Startup Next, and Startup Digest will become part of the Techstars family but will remain open and independent in their execution at a community level. The programs will continue to run as they do now, and we expect additional expansion of these programs.