Monday, 27 July 2015

Cork based skill hosting site helps you learn new things is a brand new fee-free platform which brings people together as Host and Guest. It’s a place where you can exchange your skills for a free stay in a HostCambio’s home or, alternatively, open your doors to a GuestCambio in return for them sharing their language or skill with you and your family.
The guest gives two hours of skill practise a day (anything from language practise to surfing!) and the host provides a spare room in exchange, so it is truly mutually beneficial sharing platform.

The GoCambio mission? To connect millions of people all over the world wanting to learn or improve on a skill, with the millions who travel in search of unique and independent experiences.

GoCambio, which is based in Ireland,  launched March 2nd and already has nearly 3000 sign ups in 90  countries! 

The founder of GoCambio is Deirdre Bounds, who founded i-to-I and sold it in 2007.

At the moment our website is only at MVP stage, and has the language option but our IT team are starting developing the second version of the site next week and working on our app – both which will be ready in three months.

Check it out at