Monday, 6 July 2015

Crowd Valley Releases World’s First Public Digital Back Office for Online Investing and Lending Services

Crowd Valley Inc announces the first digital back office to power investing and lending marketplaces that is easily accessible by open API (Application Programming Interface). This solution takes investing and lending services to the fully digital era by enabling any financial institutions, brokers and fin-tech companies, along with any in-house or third party software developers, to build their own online investing or lending service.

Crowd Valley's digital back office public API can be integrated very easily into new and even existing online investing and lending services. Basic setup can be completed in a few days. Crowd Valley's solution can be used to support every online investing and lending market, including real estate investing and lending markets, private securities markets for sophisticated equity investors, angel or venture capital groups, public crowdfunding markets, peer-to-peer lending markets, and public or private wealth management. The Crowd Valley digital back office includes value-add third-party services, ranging from credit scoring, investor and asset background checks, identity verification to banking and brokerage services such as custodian services, payments, compliance services, settlement and clearing across the North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“We’re thrilled by being able to support the future of digital investing and lending applications with the release of our Digital Back Office and the related public API,” comments Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen. “We believe that both developers and IT teams, as well as finance professionals, need a truly native digital back office in line with the online markets’ needs to build financial applications.” Crowd Valley’s management team has worked in the digital investing and lending market since 2009 and has seen various applications brought to market around the world.

The company announced its new offering to developers out of its offices in San Francisco. Developers can now sign up and start using the product directly from the company’s website, where they can also acquire all the relevant documentation and support for implementing their application using the public API. The company also offers a Certified Partner program that can assist with both the implementation of the digital back office using the API, as well as advisory around business models and strategy.

The company has over 80 customers for its previous back office version and the first beta customers for the digital back office and open API. Customer market applications include private middle market marketplaces, both real estate debt and equity exchanges and institutional marketplaces for alternative assets.

“Our clients are able to deploy their platforms more efficiently and more securely by using our centralized digital back office, as well as take advantage of the integrated services embedded in the solution via our open API” Lampinen highlights. “We believe the sustainable growth of the efficient and transparent digital investing and lending markets is key to a viable global financial market of the 21st Century. A robust technical back office is imperative to that evolution.”

(Aritcle originally published on Crowd Valley's blog, 07/01/2015)