Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dublin brothers launch gamified fitness tracking app

ForFit announces the first ever Fitness tracking app to motivate it’s users to get fit with social and charitable forfeits! If you successfully complete a fitness challenge with the app, you impress your friends and gain bragging rights while also getting fit! If you fail, you pay $4 or an embarrassing video, photo or status will get posted to your Facebook wall and ForFit’s live web feed for the world to see! (65% of the $4 goes to charity).
A ‘Challenge’ is a Run or Cycle which is tracked via GPS. Users must complete the ‘Challenge’ within the set time limit to avoid the ‘ForFit’. You are free to accept or reject any challenge received. Once you accept a challenge, you have 24 hours to begin!
The web feed is public and anyone from your second cousin to your gran can vote your ‘Forfit’ up or down. The most entertaining ‘Forfit’s will inevitably rise to the top and possibly go viral so proceed with caution if you want to avoid your 15 minutes of fame/shame! Users are free to accept or reject any challenge received, so they are always in control of what get’s posted to ForFit’s live feed and & their Facebook page. Even if a user fails a challenge, he or she still has a second chance to prevent the mortification by paying the $4 Bailout.
The app was developed by two Irish brothers, Ronan & Niall Mc Dermott; 2 tech, fun and fitness fanatics on a mission to promote the social, charitable and feel good elements of fitness. ForFit aims to make exercise fun and interactive and encourage young people and fitness beginners to get active while raising funds and awareness for worthy causes at the same time. They have formed partnerships with a range of charities in Ireland and the UK and their goal is to help many more important local and national causes worldwide as the platform grows.
 The brothers are currently working on introducing monthly prizes for challenge completers and adding more gamification features to the app, such Races, Custom Challenges / Custom Forfits, Wagers, Leagues and Rewards for Bravery!
ForFit is available on the App Store for free. Check out for more news and info.