Monday, 13 July 2015

Startup Salon - Launches 23rd July 2015

A special kind of salon is about to launch

It is special because you won’t find any beauticians there waxing, priming and plucking their clients to a more polished version of themselves. The transformation that happens at this salon is all on the inside; leaving those who visit this salon with positive attitudes & self belief rather than smooth skin or polished nails!

Its name is Startup Salon and it opens its doors on Thursday 23rd July @ 6:30 in 4 Dame Lane.

This salon is brought to you by Janice Valentine. Janice has over 10 years Financial Services experience, most of which was gained in the City of London where she worked for large global Banks like Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. She is a qualified Executive and Life coach and writer of the Sideprojectdublin blog and founder of Great Life Distillery, which is an inspiration and empowerment platform to connect individuals with information that will support them go after their dreams.

Janice is an advocate of entrepreneurship and is launching Startup Salon, a quarterly series of events, to support individuals achieve their dream of setting up a business

Tickets are €10 & guests will receive a glass of wine/beer or soft drink on arrival.

A panel discussion will start at 7pm and finish at 8:15pm (with a 10 minute interval at 7:30).

The Panel:

Niamh McHugh, Pucker. 
Leonora O’Brien, Pharmapod. 
Christopher Devaney, AccessoLife 
Eleanor Moss, Writepush 
Riva O’Malley, Black Castle Drinks.

A chance to ask questions & connect with like minds

Between 8:15 and 9pm there’ll be plenty of opportunities to ask the panel questions, and connect with people who share the same dream over a drink at the bar.

To learn more about the panel and the vision of Startup Salon 
please visit