Sunday, 30 August 2015

Come join #Belfasthour every Thurs to promote your business

What can participating in #Belfasthour do for my business? What are the benefits?

If you are in business, there are many benefits to participating in #Belfasthour, including:
Make new business connections and build your Twitter network
Expose your brand online to a wide range of local businesses and potential clients
Promote new products and services and share good news stories
Be part of the largest Twitter networking session in NI and win great prizes! If you are new to it, getting started is easy: At 9.00pm tonight, search for the #Belfasthour hashtag in the search box. Click ‘all’ Tweets. Feel free to watch so you can see what is going on…..then...jump in!!

Compose a Tweet telling people what you do, or if you are new, say so! Most people are very welcoming to a newcomer so expect a lot of new notifications.

Joining in chats is a great way to connect with new people in your industry and of course new potential customers and allies. Don’t forget when others see what you do, you will stay in their head and they might refer business!

So Compose your tweet, then add #Belfasthour to the tweet. This way you will appear in the Twitter feed and everyone else watching will see you!

Ettiquette: Always follow or Retweet others you think are interesting to your own followers or just to help them out! Trust us if you do this for them, they most likely will spread the word about you too! #Belfasthour is ALL about assisting one another and spreading positivity amongst the business community so get involved, spread the word and see you on Thursday on Twitter at 9pm!

Follow @EdwardsandCo_ for updates and @BelfasthourNI for news too. The more people who participate, the more you Retweet the hashtag means we have a chance of Trending on Twitter…..which means that others not involved will be curious to see what is going on! So that means more people seeing YOUR business!

So build relationships on the hashtag #Belfasthour, join in every week so people get to know you and what you do! This is a proven working model. It works so well that is why there are so many Tweet chats and why we thought we should write this article to help you get started!

Tonight's hashtag is #belfastgiants who are giving away 5 pairs of tickets to their opening game of the season against Manchester Storm.

Good luck, enjoy, interact, engage and NETWORK!