Sunday, 2 August 2015

Democratising Finance - DealIndex

DealIndex recently announced the launch of its inaugural report on alternative finance, entitled “Democratising Finance”. This is the first industry report that comprehensively covers various aspects of the alternative finance ecosystem, including numerous case studies and insightful partner contributions from 18 leading disruptive alternative finance players worldwide.

The digital investing and lending market has grown dramatically in recent years. While the growth is unprecedented, the market is lacking in fundamental data and insight, the type that DealIndex has set out to foster. At Crowd Valley, we believe in universality and transparency in this market and through our digital back office product, we aim at catalysing the markets development through robust middle and back office tools for operators, as well as for the buy and sell side stakeholders. That is why we partner with leading stakeholders in the market that have a digitally native approach to the changes and opportunities in the financial service market." Markus Lampinen, Co-Founder and CEO, Crowd Valley

The report can be downloaded here: