Saturday, 5 September 2015

Five English Language Schools in Ireland nominated for Prestigious Global Awards

Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), the association that represents 54 regulated language schools and colleges nationwide, has announced that five of their member schools have been nominated for the prestigious 2015 Study Travel Magazine Star Awards for International Education.  Marketing English in Ireland has itself been nominated in the “School Association” category.
The STM Star Awards are unique peer-voted awards in the international education industry, where education providers and study travel agencies worldwide vote for their preferred agent partners across 23 different categories.

David O’Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland said that “I am delighted that five member schools of MEI as well as MEI itself have been nominated for the prestigious STM Star Awards for International Education. What is most satisfying from the MEI’s perspective is that our five member schools have been nominated for the STM Star Awards by their industry partners. This is another significant endorsement not only of the extremely high standard of English language schools in Ireland, but also for Ireland as a destination for foreign language students.”

“The international education sector is extremely valuable to the domestic economy, with almost 100,000 foreign students from over 80 separate countries attending MEI’s 54 regulated English schools and colleges nationwide, contributing an estimated €330 million to the Irish economy in 2014.” continued David O’Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland.

English is Europe’s most studied foreign language

English is the most-studied foreign language across almost all European countries, with in excess of 90% of secondary students in Europe learning English, as most countries make it a national requirement for students to learn a foreign language in school.

David O’Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland said that “Given the sheer popularity of English as a foreign language amongst secondary students across Europe studying, coupled with Ireland’s reputation in the sector, the outlook for the international education industry in Ireland looks extremely positive. We would expect the number of foreign students coming to Ireland to learn English to continue to rise and for the sector to perform strongly over the next few years.” 

According to the latest data published by Eurostat, 94.5% of all secondary students across the 28 countries in EU study English as a foreign language, with slightly less than one quarter (23.6 %) studying French and slightly more than one fifth (20.9 %) studying German.

The five MEI member schools nominated for the 2015 Study Travel Magazine Star Awards for International Education are:

ISI, Ireland - nominated in the English Language School Europe category
Language In Group - nominated in the ‘English Language School Europe Category
The Linguaviva Centre - nominated in the English Language School Europe category
Irish College of English (Malahide) - nominated in Junior Course for under 18’s category
The “Centre of English Studies” - nominated in the ‘Chain School” category