Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top Level Domains at Blacknight now available

Dot-Irish is just one of hundreds of Top Level Domains that  here at Blacknight – but as an Irish-owned company, based in Ireland, employing Irish people, it’s very close to our hearts.

That’s because, like us, dot-Irish is outward-looking, yet truly Irish. In fact, we think being outward-looking, open-minded, enterprising and creative is an essential characteristic of being Irish (OK – we’re biased).

For this reason, the launch of dot-Irish is a special cause of celebration to us here at Blacknight. As we continue to grow and expand our business, and as the wider gTLD expansion offers more and more opportunities to our customers, we’re taking a moment to pause and cheer!

We’re also launching a new podcast series to highlight and celebrate the achievements and ambitions of some of the pioneers of the dot-Irish namespace. More about that later, but for now: Fáilte roimh .IRISH!

Irish – or want to be? Register your .IRISH domain name now at Blacknight.Irish.