Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cork BIC Winner of Startup Gathering 2015

Cork startups were in the spotlight at the Startup Gathering 2020 Forum, held at County Hall this week. As part of the Startup Forum event, four shortlisted companies pitched to win the Cork BIC Venture Academy award.

Sothic Bioscience was the winning startup, led by Stephen Geary, with their next generation cell based technologies targeting the pharma sector.

“The startups selected to pitch for the Cork BIC Venture Academy award showed incredible innovation in their company solutions and strategies,” said Michael O’Connor, Cork BIC. “Seeing the diversity of solutions, as well as variety of backgrounds of these entrepreneurs shows the promising pipeline of startups in the Cork region, and the strength of the ecosystem here in supporting these innovators.”

Among those shortlisted for the Academy, and pitching for investment, were DiaNia Technologies, which commercialises innovative extrusion technologies for advanced catheters. Another finalist, GlowDX, has developed the world’s first accessible diagnostics platform using novel molecular science to provide developing countries with high quality diagnostic tests. Safe Care Technologies provide assistive technology solutions for the disabled, elderly or impaired who want to live a more independent life in their home, through customisable control and monitoring of a user’s living environment.

The winning company, led by Stephen Geary, is Sothio Bioscience for their next-generation cell based technologies, which aims to replace the use of unsustainable animal-derived reagents with scalable production of high-quality biomolecules. The Sothio product targets quality control and sterility testing in the regulated pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

“The pyrogen testing market is valued at in excess of USD $485 million and is projected to grow to more than USD $850 million by 2019,” explained Stephen Geary, CEO Sothio Science. “Our solution has the potential to be a game changer in the industry, and we are delighted to have been chosen as the Cork BIC Venture Academy winner. The judging process was rigorous and intense, with many serial entrepreneurs and seasoned investors on the panel, so this award really validates our solution and go to market strategy.”

Speaking at the conclusion of the Startup Gathering event in Cork, regional co-ordinator and Cork innovates project director, Siobhan Finn added that “the spotlight shone brightly on Cork entrepreneurs, startups and businesses in the region during the Startup Gathering. The event showcased the diversity, opportunity and special ecosystem that Cork has developed to enable startups to thrive here.”