Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Global hotel chains sign up for MyPlace Connect’s Free WiFi Service

Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider, MyPlace Connect now provides some of the biggest global hotel chains with free WiFi. Launched in May 2014, over 2,000 hotel rooms in France, the United Kingdom and Ireland now have MyPlace Connect’s free WiFi service with the numbers growing each month.

The Best Western, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn and Radisson Hotels are just some of the global hotel brands that have partnered with MyPlace Connect to have the innovative new service specifically designed to meet the WiFi requirements of the accommodation industry.

Peadar Gormley, the CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect said “As a fast growing global tech company headquartered in Ireland, it is really exciting for us to partner with some of the world’s biggest hotel brands as it is a real endorsement of the quality of MyPlace Connect’s service. The feedback we have received from our partners has been extremely positive. The hotel and accommodation industry understands that guests no longer view free WiFi as an optional extra, but expect free easy to access WiFi as standard.”

MyPlace Connect’s bespoke WiFi service for hotels and other accommodation venues is in addition to the hundreds of locations across Europe, the USA and India where it is currently available in restaurants, cafés and pubs and entertainment venues.

“We are really pleased with the speed of growth of our new free WiFi service for the accommodation industry. The number of hotels and new rooms that are signing up each week to the MyPlace Connect network is ahead of our expectations.” continued Peadar Gormley, the CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect.

MyPlace Connect has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 2011 and is already Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider.

MyPlace Connect free WiFi services are currently used by customers in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands and India. Initially developed as an advertising platform, MyPlace Connect has grown to become a highly adaptable, mobile cloud based, hotspot solution.