Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Resolving 4G Data challenges in Ireland - Conference

A major challenge facing Irish telcos and mobile operators is analysing and locating the source of radio frequency (RF) interference. This problem has been further emphasised by the recent rollout of 4G, increased use of mobile data, higher data speeds and more demanding customer expectations. Essentially, operators are dealing with increased levels of interference at a time when consumers expect maximum quality. Resolving 4G Data challenges in Ireland

On Tuesday 13th October, Data Edge will host a free seminar examining the different types of interference most commonly experienced by operators in Ireland, their causes, and how to locate and resolve them.

Using examples of some of the best practices and tools used in other countries where 4G rollouts are more advanced, industry experts will demonstrate best-in-class methods to solve interference issues and improve mobile data quality.

The seminar will also highlight forthcoming EU regulations, which will update the health and safety rules regarding Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure for workers. Jeff Hinsley of Narda Safety Test Solutions, a global leader in the development and production of measuring EMF instruments, will lead this part of the workshop and ensure delegates are fully aware of what their organisations need to do to prepare for this new regulation.

Delegates will also receive an introduction to Passive InterModulation (PIM), a common but difficult to pinpoint source of RF Interference that can degrade the quality of wireless communication systems and to which 4G is especially sensitive.

The seminar will be followed by a Q&A and delegates will have the opportunity to network with industry peers and speakers. There will also be a complimentary lunch.

To register for the free workshop, visit and click 'Register to attend', or contact Carol Glynn on 01 286 6777 or

Delegates have the option to request to be part of the widely regarded Anritsu Certified Site Master Training class. This class is an intense two-day instructor led training course focusing on RF line sweep theory, technology and the application of best practices when using the Site Master test unit for sweeping RF systems.