Saturday, 24 October 2015

The EU-XCEL Challenge Final Award

The EU-XCEL Challenge Final Awards Ceremony & Start-Up Showcase

When: Tuesday, 3 November 2015 @ 5pm
Where: Devere Hall, University College Cork
What: The 12 short-listed finalist teams, created and supported through EU-XCEL, a Horizon 2020 & Start-Up Europe Project, pitch to become the 2015 winners.

Who: EU-XCEL European Virtual Accelerator
EU-XCEL is a new virtual accelerator which seeks out talented, aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of information and communication technology to participate in a unique international entrepreneurship experience focused on creating and supporting European teams to become incubator-ready entrepreneurs. The EU-XCEL European Virtual Accelerator is identifying and empowering aspiring young tech entrepreneurs to become ‘incubator ready’ with real products of promise in the areas of:

· Internet of Things;

· Health Informatics;

· Big Data

· ICT4Development;

· Predictive Analytics; and

· E-/M-Commerce.

Entrepreneurs in all EU countries have pitched to participate in the creation of more than 50 international startups. On 3 November 12 of these transnational startup teams will come to Ireland to take part in the EU-XCEL programme FINAL.

17.00 Start-Up Show-Case Exhibition

18:00 Official Opening Dara Murphy TD,Minister of State for European Affairs

18:30 Finalist Elevator Pitches

19:00 Starting Up in Tech: Pointers & Insights Shemas Eivers, Boole Investment Syndicate

19:15 EU-XCEL Challenge Final Awards Presentation

19:30 Reception, Aula Maxima UCC