Tuesday, 3 November 2015

ai.type virtual keyboard launches Version 6

ai.type, the leader of virtual keyboard application development for Android and iOS, introduces version 6.0 with a new word correction, suggestion and prediction algorithm that saves more than 50% of users’ keystrokes and prevents users from making embarrassing mistakes in more than 50 languages.

Now users can tap anywhere near the desired key, or type in characters as they hear them, and the keyboard will find the right word and correct it.

The ai.type keyboard application corrects based on context, relevance, and the user’s personal vocabulary, employing a sophisticated fuzzy algorithm which takes into account all common spelling and typing mistakes. ai.type keyboard uses a dictionary of 300K+ word combinations to make this happen.

Typical typo corrections:

· mistakenly tapping adjacent to the desired key (up, down, left, right and diagonal)

· misspelled words

· extra or missing characters

· switching two letters

· multiple mistakes in a single word

· split words if the spacebar wasn’t tapped, or if a key near the spacebar was tapped by mistake.

Correction includes:

· automatic capitalization of names and places

· automatic correction for umlauts and accents

· automatic completion of words based on context.