Thursday, 3 December 2015


Victoria Square is all set and ready to cater for the huge stream of shoppers expected over Christmas with free public WiFi supplied and maintained by leading Belfast-based communications provider, eir Business NI.

With over 9,000 users already registered since the service went live, the use of social media within the shopping environment points to the growing trend, particularly among Millennials, toward gaining ‘social proof’ and ‘showrooming’. Store visitors are now taking their experience online as they share pictures and reviews as well as getting advice from friends on what to buy, all whilst in-store.

Michelle Greeves, Centre Manager at Victoria Square, said: “WiFi is now an inherent part of the shopping experience and with more and more consumers accessing the internet via mobile phones, the demand for a fast and reliable WiFi service is ever-growing.

“We understand that consumers nowadays shop in a multi-channel world. They want access to the depth of information provided by the internet, whilst maintaining the personal touch provided by a physical store. We are committed to enhancing the consumer experience and are delighted to offer free WiFi as part of our aim to continually improve the service we offer.”

According to eir Business NI Sales and Marketing director Matt McCloskey: “With over 25 enterprise-grade access points installed around the building and supported from our local operations centre in Belfast, shoppers are free to connect to the internet from anywhere in the shopping centre. It’s a win-win for both the business and its customers. We are delighted to be working with Victoria Square and this service will ensure they continue to match of the needs of the many thousands of people expected over the coming weeks.”

Ding dong merrily WiFi! With over 9,000 users already registered, Victoria Square is ready to cater for the huge stream of shoppers expected over Christmas thanks to free public WiFi network supplied by leading Belfast-based communications provider, eir Business NI in partnership with Zenith Networks. Pictured from left to right are: eir Business NI sales & marketing director Matt McCloskey; Victoria Square Centre Manager Michelle Greeves; and Zenith Networks managing director Martin Lyons.