Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Big name brands flock to TAGGLED for shoppable video solutions

Shoppable video technology firm TAGGLED's customer list reads like a who's who of retail giants and leading lifestyle brands. In the last six months alone, TAGGLED have signed Ben Sherman, Ted Baker, TOMS, The Body Shop and Weight Watchers. TAGGLEDs success is down to being one of the most intuitive and interactive video solutions around, and the growing emphasis companies are putting on their video marketing efforts.

For those who say shoppable video is just a fad, think again.

TAGGLED offer a self-serve video commerce platform – where brands can make their videos interactive and shoppable in a few short steps and benefit from global video distribution.

Since TAGGLED's 2013 inception, it has gone from strength to strength and made a real name for itself in the online video and e-commerce sectors. As of October 2015 TAGGLED have offered brands the chance to avail of video advertising through their platform – a huge growth area for the team.

Taggled's Founder Ian Scott reflects on the companies successes this year:

“We've been called shoppable video pioneers, and after spending a long time honing our video tagging technology to allow for instantaneous shoppable video experiences, 2015 has seen us more in demand than ever. We are delighted to be working with companies who are dedicated to advancing their commercial video reach. Global brands have put their trust in us and we're pleased to say they are reaping the rewards – with viewer engagement and watch time at an all time high.

2015 has seen a real shift in how marketers approach video campaigns. For a long time the creative side of video marketing has been stellar but what was lacking was an understanding of how those video campaigns were performing in terms of engagement levels, website traffic and sales conversions. Now marketers realise video views tells only one part of video performance. With a TAGGLED Video Commerce license our customers can transform videos into interactive entities, whilst having a wealth of video analytics at their fingertips to truly know their return on investment.

TAGGLED are now offering customers the opportunity to push their shoppable videos out as VPAID and Display ads – something we know the market is hungry for.”