Sunday, 6 December 2015

Irish corporates ahead of UK in implementing cloud computing – Auxilion study

Irish corporates are ahead of their UK counterparts in the implementation of major cloud computing deployment, according to asurvey by Irish owned cloud support company, Auxilion.

38.5% of Irish corporates have commenced significant cloud developments compared to 22% in the UK. 3.9% of Irish companies have completed full cloud implementation compared to 2% in the UK.

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet rather than through an in-house server. Corporates were defined under the survey as organisations with more than 250 users.

“Because of their significant investment in legacy IT systems, the conventional wisdom was that enterprise or larger organisations have been reluctant to adopt cloud computing. This study debunks that theory,” commented Paul Schmitz, chief sales officer, Auxilion.

“For example, none of the Irish respondents and just 6% of those in UK say that they have no plans to implement cloud.”

In Ireland, over 80% of corporates have commenced or completed cloud deployments. 19% have yet to start but are considering it. In the UK 74% have commenced or implemented cloud. Similar to Ireland, one on five (20%) have not started but are considering it.

The main motivation in Ireland for adopting cloud computing is to move away from reliance on in-house servers cited by 34.6%. In equal second place are efficiency, scalability and future proofing. Scalability is the major driver in the UK followed by the desire to move from on premise systems.

While 52% of users in Ireland (40% in UK) have reduced capital expenditure as a result of the adoption of cloud computing, almost 40% in Ireland and UK say that they have not.

“The majority of users have reduced capital expenditure as a result of implementing cloud and this is one of the many benefits of implementation, so it is a little surprising that a sizeable minority is not reporting this,” commented Paul Schmitz. “It may be that many are testing the water by running cloud alongside existing on premise applications and so continue to bear the cost of in-house hardware and software licenses. This also emphasises the importance of careful planning in your migration to cloud.”

He said that the overall findings were encouraging for those organisations embarking on their cloud journey. Over 80% of Irish corporates were satisfied with the cloud services they are running with only 4% dissatisfied. 71.4% of UK respondents are satisfied with 10.2% dissatisfied.

17.4% of Irish organisations plan to spend over €250,000 on cloud implementation this year. Almost a third in the UK expect to spend more than UK £250,000.

The main cloud solutions being considered in Ireland are Microsoft’s Azure, which includes Office 365, cited by 42.3% followed by Google (11.5%) and Amazon Web Services (3.9%).

The survey may be accessed at:

Auxilion has launched a cloud simulation exercise called FlightPlan which will be offered free to organisations with 250 users plus in January. Normally valued at €3,000, the simulator incorporates a day long workshop which identifies the journey and estimated costs for individual companies looking to move from on premise to a cloud environment.

Further details on FlightPlan are available at: