Monday, 28 December 2015

Mobile Apps Showdown finalists

Mobile Apps Showdown finalists will demo their apps on stage on January 8th at 1:30PM in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Room N257. 

The finalists are:

Gloopt allows users to easily create one-minute branded videos from their smartphone, add a logo and clickable call to actions to the video, and then share them instantly.
iHeartLocal helps businesses grow in three steps: connect, retain and reengage current and new customers, without the middlemen involved in other local commerce solutions.
Kuddly connects you to veterinarians worldwide through live chat and email messages 24/7.
myEmerg provides instant solutions for health-related questions. Its intuitive dashboard manages your personal health data.
My Open Road is a social energy conservation app that encourages users to reduce their carbon footprint and get fit by suggesting alternative transportation. Users are rewarded with discounts for their efforts in saving the earth from sustainable- living partners.
Perfect Company is a revolutionary approach to recipe perfection. It features a new innovative app that connects to a smart scale ensuring consistently delicious results.
PBS KIDS Party App gets kids up and moving with four different activities to move, dance, swing, or even break the piƱata. It can even work with a Moff band that reacts to the kids' movement to enhance the experience. (Moff band not required.)
SunPort is a combination of hardware and an app that lets you check your daily, weekly energy use and then directs you to offset your energy costs with the right solar provider.
VidMob is a mobile marketplace that connects freelance video editors with video content creators in order to transform that content into exciting, entertaining, professional-quality video.
WeatherBug Mobile allows consumers to see, in real-time, how weather impacts their current energy usage in order to make smarter home energy efficiency decisions.