Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rural communities are set to benefit from a Free technology information service


Have you ever wanted to ask someone a technical question about a computer problem, or an app problem? Do you want impartial advice on what antivirus to use or anti-malware to download. Then YourTechSOS may be the answer!

YourTechSOS is on a mission to help individuals and businesses get the best out of their technology whilst keeping safe and secure online.

Based in a small rural community in Northern Ireland, YourTechSOS, aims to offer information on technology problems as well as answer concerns people have when they receive things like unsolicited emails or calls where people are trying to access their computers.

Worryingly, rural communities are seen as particularly easy prey for so called cyber criminals and now both individuals and businesses face a real risk of having their devices targeted and personal information compromised.

The small team at YourTechSOS can help by providing FREE, straightforward, impartial answers to technology related questions.

Questions can be submitted via the website (, by email to, on twitter or facebook, or by phone on 0845 8607164.

Questions are answered on a first come first served basis.

The service aims to roll out across Northern Ireland. You can submit questions across social media or via the 'Quick Question' for on the website.

The website also hosts a blog with regular updates on a range of topical technology issues and plenty of ideas for how to get the best out of your technology whilst keeping safe and secure online.