Thursday, 28 April 2016

CurrencyFair launches business offering and calls on other businesses to support Irish exporters

CurrencyFair today announced that they will be will giving a year's worth of international money transfers without fees to all Irish businesses in a campaign to boost Irish export growth.

The initiative will help Irish businesses to grow their exports in international markets by removing high rates charged by banks.

The campaign aims to challenge financial institutions’ current high currency rates in Ireland and further highlight that many Irish businesses are wasting money on banking fees. CurrencyFair, who are already ten times cheaper than the main banks, believe that ‘collaborative international scaling’ is key for Ireland’s success on the world stage. This concept means that Irish businesses should help each other with their services to scale into international markets

CEO and founder of CurrencyFair Brett Meyers hopes those who join the campaign will use the money they save to grow and create jobs: “Ireland is an exporting country and fintech companies and SMEs should be helping each to create more cashflow to compete abroad. Recently Cork based Teamwork launched their Teamwork for startups campaign where they gave away free software to SMEs and we want to build on their example. Irish companies can take over the world. The banks can’t get rid of high rates but we can, so CurrencyFair wants to help startups and SMEs grow.”

The campaign gets the seal of approval from the Irish Internet Association (IIA), which supports small Irish businesses adopt eCommerce. Joan Mulvhill, IIA CEO said: “It’s great to see an Irish success story turning around to help other exporting Irish businesses. CurrencyFair has always been a sharing economy company and this super initiative is a natural expression and extension of this. It presents a great opportunity for Irish companies to send money cheaper than anyone else on the planet. The IIA is proud to have them as a member."

The campaign is open to the first 500 Irish businesses that open a CurrencyFair business account from 28 April 2016. For more information see here: