Wednesday, 6 April 2016

MoneyConf is back - Here is the important stuff you need to know

10 Things You Need To Know About MoneyConf:

1) You can download an overview of MoneyConf here. This document contains information on who’s coming to MoneyConf, what to expect, information on last year, and more.

2) Leaders from the world’s largest banks and financial institutions will join: we have senior executives from Santander, Citi, Mastercard and more.

3) We’re curating a group of incredible people. Tickets are by application only and we’re speaking to every prospective attendee to ensure that the right people are in the room. If you’d like to apply, you can do so here.

4) We have a roster of world-class partners. Santander, McKinsey, NASDAQ and Kaspersky are just a few of the great companies that have already chosen to partner with us for MoneyConf. Want to get involved? Click here to get in touch.

5) You can watch FinTech videos from our previous events on our blog. Hear from the Chief Data Officer of Deutsche Bank; the founder of PayPal and Affirm; Santander’s Head of Strategy; and the founder of Stripe.

6) The most exciting startups in FinTech will join. We’re welcoming startups that are disrupting every part of the banking and financial services sectors - including Transferwise, iZettle, Dwolla, and WorldRemit.

7) MoneyConf will take place in the beautiful Madrid. We’ve written a little guide to Madrid.

8) Some of the world’s leading investors are also joining us. Partners from Foundation Capital, Accel and Mosaic are just a few of the investors who will be at MoneyConf.

9) Wired and VentureBeat have written about our revolutionary approach to connecting people at events. In the run up to MoneyConf, we’ll be releasing our app for the event that will provide attendees with customised recommendations for the event, and allow them to connect with others before they even land in Madrid.

10) Over 14 topics will be covered. From Banking Infrastructure, toBig Data, to Cybersecurity and everything in between, we’ll be covering a variety of topics at MoneyConf. You can see the full list on the website.