Monday, 4 April 2016

“What’s Your Story?” Competition Urges Youths to Share Their Online Story to Increase Awareness of Internet Safety

Players from Munster Rugby visited St. Vincent’s Secondary School in Cork to talk to students about Trend Micro’s 2016 “What’s Your Story?” video and poster competition. The digital safety competition, which awards up to €8,000 in cash prizes, encourages individuals, schools as well as youth and community groups to share their personal online experiences and this year they will be addressing the question: “What does the Internet mean to you?”

Celebrating its 5th successful year this year, the “What’s Your Story?” competition gives young people the opportunity to consider the power of the internet.

“We’ve asked many questions and tackled many themes since the launch of the Irish competition in 2012. This year we want to know how the Internet impacts young people’s lives – for better or for worse,” said Avril Ronan, Global Program Manager for Internet Safety at Trend Micro EMEA.

Munster Rugby players, James Cronin, Niall Scannell and Cian Bohane accompanied Trend Micro staff to St. Vincent’s Secondary School to encourage students to participate in this year’s competition.

“Munster Rugby is happy to be here today in St. Vincent’s Secondary School supporting the ‘What’s Your Story?’ competition and finding out what the internet really means to young people; everything from the good to the bad, the necessary and the not so needed. The internet is a great place to be and this competition really highlights that,” said Enda Lynch, Commercial and Marketing Manager with Munster Rugby.

“There are often gaps or misperceptions between the reality of the internet for a young person verses what we as adults perceive or worry about. The internet is a very powerful tool but that can be harnessed in a very creative and positive way and that’s what we want our young people to show us this year,” added Avril Ronan.

All video and poster submissions are available on the website for public viewing, rating and comments. Those with the highest views and ratings will be shortlisted for our judges from Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Smart Futures, TY Ireland and Webwise.
This competition is a fun activity for families, classrooms around the country and for youth clubs too. Closing date for entries is 12 April 2016, public viewing and rating ends April 26th with winners announced week of 16 May 2016.

To learn more about the competition details, submit a video or poster, or be inspired by past winners, visit and follow on Twitter or Instagram @TrendISKF_IE  #WhatsYourStory2016