Saturday, 21 May 2016

Angel Summit Europe - Dublin June 8th-9th 2016

The AngelSummit Europe, taking place in Dublin June 8-9th in Google’s Foundry, has announced its first speakers for the event which will includes Super Angel investor Dave McClure of 500 startups, Jason Ball, Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures Europe, and Anne Ravanona, founder of Global Invest Her.

Startup Angels and Google for Entrepreneurs aim to tackle the scarcity of startup capital,explore trends in angel investment, and share what can be done to encourage early stage investment startup ecosystems around the globe.

The 300-person ]two-day event will hold a series of workshopsand programs for new and expert startup investors. These events will explore best practices in and chart the future of startup investing.

Attendees will also feature leaders from companies including Atomico, Techstars, StartupBootcamp, Accel, Index, EBAN, Seedstars, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Blackstone, IBM, Softlayer, Dell, Barclays, Intel, Bank of Ireland, Accenture, Ryan Academy, Google and more.

“Startups and ideas are ubiquitous these days, but early stage capital isn’t as common. We’re to have a good, honest and open conversation on ‘access to capital’ with attendees and speakers from around the world that will come to this event as peers,” says Startup Angels Founder and CEO, Leslie Jump. “Our partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs gives us great scope to accelerate the pace of growth in some growing ecosystems.”

Speaking on Ireland as a venue Jump said, “AngelSummit Europe this year takes place as the amount of top product-building startups in Europe increases. Silicon Valley is great but it doesn’t have a monopoly on great ideas and investment in the good ideas coming from Europe should be encouraged and the benefits outlined to potential angel investors.

Ireland as an ecosystem in particular is analogous to a lean startup - internationally focused, every bit of money counts with some top engineers. You only have to look at quality B2B companies like Intercom, Teamwork and TrustEv that have arisen here, as well as Fintech companies like Realex, CurrencyFair and though founded in Silicon Valley the Collison brothers are a product of Ireland. We will be releasing our research of the Dublin ecosystem in the coming weeks and though there are some barriers to investment that will be discussed at the event, the strengths are obvious and many.”

In its third year of operations, Startup Angels’ mission is to increase the number of startup investors and the amount of capital available in communities across the U.S. and around the world. The organization combines its conferences and workshops with original storytelling, in-depth research, and tools and technology to guide aspiring investors into becoming great Startup Angels. Their goal is to double the number of investors by 2018, from fewer than 500,000 angels to more than a million.

Now with Google for Entrepreneurs behind them, they have new resources to accelerate the pace and expand the scope of impact. GFE is one of the preeminent organizations powering entrepreneurship on a global scale. Over the last several years, GFE has supported tech hubs in dozens of cities, including their own startup community spaces, Google Campus. They’ve helped bring educational workshops and resources like Techstars and Startup Grind to hundreds of communitie.

More speakers, information and registration details can be found on the event site.