Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Business of Software Conference comes to Ireland

10 year old Business of Software Conference Europe expects sell out at relocated international event. Taking place in the Powerscourt Hotel on the 16th - 17th May

The Business of Software Conference is widely viewed as one of the best events in the world for people that care about building software. The conference welcomes those who have a passion for SaaS products and the companies people love to work for. The Business of Software Conference has bought this community together for ten years and this is the first time the event has been held in Ireland.

BoS only delivers in depth talks from people with diverse experiences and opinions. It covers everything from product management and scaling company culture through sales, marketing, exiting a business, the future of machine learning and AI. It’s an intimate event where the audience who come are often as knowledgeable as the speakers. BoS has a reputation for fostering an open, honest, environment for accomplished professionals to learn from each other and do business together.

Mark Littlewood, CEO of BoS Conference commented, “The opportunity to bring people from some of the fastest growing, most admired SaaS and software businesses to Ireland seemed too good to miss, particularly as Ireland is now reaching a tipping point as its software ecosystem reaches critical mass and companies including Intercom and Teamwork are making waves on a global stage.

“We know many people don’t like going to events as they end up being pitched to in a crowded room. We try to run an event that puts our guests first and that we would be happy to pay to attend. As a country that’s become such an international hub for business and tech Ireland makes sense for us to relocate too.”

This year at BoS Europe, the focus is on scaling a global business, something that seems dear to the hearts and minds of the Irish tech community. Scaling is a lot more than simply increasing revenue. Companies face a number of key challenges as they grow, from hiring and retaining talent, operating effectively in multiple locations, scaling marketing activity across different locations and cultures, working with partners that can offer you access to huge markets but can also turn out to be your most feared competitors.

Peter Coppinger, Founder, CEO and Lead Developer at Teamwork, one of Ireland’s most successful, self-funded, software companies, is a huge advocate of the conference and is speaking at this years event for the first time. His own business which now employs 80 people in Cork and keeps track of over 370,000 company projects around the world. Intercom who recently raised $50million investment with the likes of Slack founder Stewart Butterfield investing. They build all their product from Ireland and will also have a speaker present.

Other speakers at this year’s event include:

Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman, O&M Group UK
Rory is Vice Chairman, an attractively vague job title which has allowed him to co-found Ogilvychange, a behavioral science practice.

Stephen Allott, Chairman, Pebble Code
Stephen Allott Chairs Pebble Code and was Crown Representative for SMEs in the UK Cabinet Office for 5 years where he was the driving force behind G-Cloud, a key part of the Government’s Digital by Default strategy.

Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz, Moz.
Rand Fishkin co-authored/co-founded the Art of SEO, Inbound.org, and Moz.com.

Eamon Leonard, CEO & Founder, Cohort
Eamon Leonard is the Founder of Cohort, a startup on a mission to make professional networking meaningful again.

For this year’s Business of Software Conference Europe, May 16-17th, there is an amazing group of people coming from around the world and with many opportunities to meet plenty of professionals in the Irish tech community.