Wednesday, 22 June 2016

MoneyConf 2016 Madrid Success

Silicon Ireland spent time in Madrid at the MoneyConf  Conference which was a great success for its first European mainland conference. Fintech leaders from across the globe came together to discuss the future of commerce, banking and payment technology.

With over 1855 people attending from over 62 countries the conference can only grow and grow. Over 100 speakers informed the assembled attendees, in workshops and roundtables.

As with all Cosgrave events there was a PITCH battle which was hotly contested. The winner was Grace Systems you can check them out here.

There was also 80 great startups which exhibited at the two day event. 63 early-stage ALPHA and 17 START growth-stage startups.

As you would expect, Brexit was on the mind of most, and how disruptive financial products will adapt over the coming year if the UK leaves Europe, Overall people are not sure what the outcome will be.

But whatever the outcome there is a disruptive spirit in the Fintech sector which is revolutionizing commerce for us all.