Thursday, 21 July 2016

Irish Host Families to Join Free Online Platform

Abroadwith, a Berlin-based tech startup, is changing the way languages are learned abroad one host family at a time.

No longer are the days of booking blind with an intermediary. Abroadwith is an online platform bringing clarity into a very much opaque and saturated market. The platform eliminates the need for a middleman, deleting it from the equation entirely, bringing full transparency into the homes and people hosting exchange students. Host families, too, have complete visibility into the students’ profiles who request to book with them.

The greatest part? Host families finally get paid what they’re worth. They pick their price, promoting their homestay at no cost in just few steps. Because of Abroadwith’s free registration, they don’t have to lose out on what’s theirs (i.e. supplemental income) due to hefty agency commissions connecting the dots. Hosts get connected to students naturally though simple search filters based on student preferences per location, amenities, personal interests, etc.

As for the students, they don’t have to pay an arm, a leg and dig deep into more student loans to do so. With Abroadwith, they finally get the fair market value for their study abroad experience.

It’s a win-win for all. In fact, Abroadwith’s platform is helping Ireland’s and the UK’s — regardless of the Brexit — tourism, too.

This all said, right now, Abroadwith is looking for first-timers and long-time host families, young couples and singles, as well as empty-nesters to promote their spare bedrooms on the platform. Shortly thereafter, the team is going to begin ad campaigns, marketing to the demand of exchange students across the globe preparing for their fall studies abroad.

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