Monday, 1 August 2016

Connector establishes Pokemon Go Campaign to great success

What a busy week it has been for Connector. They've been everywhere from Dublin to Cork to Kerry to Galway and back again. All over the course of 3 days! You may ask how they achieved this feat and of course it was only possible through the capabilities of augmented reality.

Connector is all about using digital capabilities to connect communities together and they thought now would be a great chance to reward their online community using one of the fastest growing smartphone VR apps on the market.

They carried out an interactive Pokémon campaign asking their social media followers to give them suggestions on where to activate there 100 Lures across Ireland. Lures are an in-app feature, which as the name suggests, Lures help lure Pokemon to your location. They were blown away by the amount of Pokemon Go users they managed to interact with.

Across the 3 days they generated over 5,800 engagements on their social media platforms with the 8,000 official users of Pokémon Go in Ireland and the users who had downloaded the app through foreign servers. It was great to see our fellow Pokémon Go players sending in snaps of all their rare creatures!

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