Monday, 8 August 2016

New Dutch “Sensing Clinic” to build on Irish healthcare research

Fujitsu Ireland have welcomed the launch of a new ‘Sensing Clinic’ study at Slingeland Ziekenhuis based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. The study will understand how best to adopt sensing technology to transform the experience of patients within the hospital. A rich set of sensors will provide medical staff with real-time information on a patient’s vital signs (ECG, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, sleep patterns) using a combination of ambient and wearable sensors. The technology offers medical staff information about a patient’s performance supporting better informed medical decisions targeting higher quality of care outcomes.

To present information back to clinicians Fujitsu will collaborate with VitalinQ, a Dutch company which specialises in health and wellbeing solutions. All data collected will be fed back to the medical staff through VitalinQ’s “Lifestyle guidance” application.

The Sensing Clinic study is the first trial of research outcomes from Fujitsu’s healthcare research project KIDUKU, a three-year collaboration between Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Ireland to understand how best to integrate sensing solutions into clinical and community based settings.

Phase 1 of the Sensing Clinic will deploy innovative sensor technology to capture patient performance allowing nurses to remotely monitor conditions, reducing the need for bedside visits and thus improves the patient experience. This phase will run from September 2016 until early 2017 with plans to make the sensors and patches available throughout the Slingeland hospital thereafter. Phase 2 is expected to commence in 2017 and will specifically focus on the use of motion sensors to monitor and inform care plans for stroke patients.

This Sensing Clinic forms part of a “Field Lab” set up by the Province of Gelderland, Health-Valley and Oost NV to improve cooperation between private companies and healthcare. The goal is to test care concepts and products, so that patients in the eastern region of Gelderland gain quicker access to successful innovations.

Welcoming the launch, Fujitsu Ireland CEO Tony O’Malley said ‘Fujitsu Ireland is delighted that the KIDUKU research will be further developed as part of the Slingeland Hospital Sensing Clinic study. The smart technology capability developed as a result of this global collaboration is exceptional in the range of data it can provide to improve patient care outcomes and enhance the healthcare experience of those living with a range of health conditions.”