Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ringdale announces new enterprise capabilities

Ringdale, a leading provider of secure document output management solutions, introduces enhanced capabilities for branch offices printing and data loss prevention (DLP) strategies with FollowMe® version 6.2.

New with FollowMe version 6.2:
Enterprise class FollowMe Printing functionality accessible to remote office locations
Flexible solution design aiding consolidation of redundant print servers for an optimized print environment
Vendor neutral DLP enhancements to monitor and secure sensitive content
Transparent DLP monitoring for both mobile and office computing platforms
Enabling all the leading printer brands with the latest FollowMe functionality

FollowMe Branch Office Printing

Recent reports indicate a 10% growth in branch office locations worldwide1. With distributed workplaces set to increase, organizations will continue to strive to better connect and centrally manage their branch office locations. FollowMe version 6.2 brings flexible and cost-effective architectures to enable branch office printing environments with more capabilities and drive down the overall cost of printing.

Paper Data Loss Prevention

With at least 80% of large enterprises reporting concerns of a paper-related security breach2 and an expected increase of printer-related breaches due to mobile devices and remote workers, organizations should be considering solutions going well ahead of basic pull printing. Although enterprise DLP offerings are already in place to monitor digital documents, content monitoring for print is mostly unmanaged. FollowMe version 6.2 provides the ability to monitor printing, discover potential violations and prevent potential security breaches from occurring.

“Securing business and customer information is a top concern, as enterprises work to improve business operations for all office locations.” says Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at Ringdale. "The latest FollowMe branch office and data loss prevention innovations will empower organizations to immediately overcome these challenges and extend company-wide improvements for document security, employee productivity and cost savings”