Thursday, 15 September 2016

Data mining Masterclass

Mining your data, making predictions, managing data quality and recommender systems – these are just some of the areas that Irish businesses can now explore free of charge through the Insight Centre for Data Analytics Masterclass series.

This series has been devised by Ireland’s largest data analytics research centre as part of its industry outreach programme. More than twenty world class researchers in data analytics are available to deliver focused, 30-40 minute presentations to businesses with data intelligence needs.

The Masterclass series is designed to bring value to a range of sectors. For example, Ireland is a global leader in recommender system research, a valuable tool for the online retail sector. Online businesses can now access world class expertise on the subject from one of Ireland’s leading researchers.

For the agrifood sector, there is a targeted masterclass in using data to increase performance.

For the health sector, Insight offers and number of expert sessions on using wearable technology and mining large health datasets.

In media, Insight has considerable expertise in sentiment analysis, image processing and text mining.

Manufacturing, logistics, public services, advertising and marketing – there is something for every sector in the Insight Masterclass series.

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics was established in 2013 by Science Foundation Ireland to bring together the significant data science expertise available in Ireland. Insight now comprises over 400 data researchers across a range of areas from data capture and storage to data mining, analysis and modelling.

Professor Alan Smeaton, a director of the Insight Centre at Dublin City University and a leading expert on media analytics, explained why Insight experts are keen to share there knowledge with industry.

"We have world class data researchers in this country. We want to make sure that Irish-based business are feeling the benefit of that, extracting full value from their own data to get the edge on global competition.

"One of the of the key objectives of the Insight Centre is to bring research closer to industry. Over the last three years we have partnered with dozens of businesses, from indigenous start-ups to MNCs, developing a unique perspective on the data needs of industry across a range of sectors. Every business has data needs. The technology is developing so rapidly it's difficult for businesses to keep up, even when they have a dedicated Chief Technology Officer.

"The Masterclass series offers a practical and accessible blend of scientific expertise and industry insight to the wider business community in Ireland."

Masterclasses can be delivered as a bundle (with one, two or three presentations together making up a 2-hour session), or as single presentations. The Masterclasses can form part of a company event such as an away day, or can be an in-house activity like a breakfast briefing, brown bag lunch or technical afternoon session.

If you would like to like to arrange a masterclass session suitable to your data needs, you can get more information at, or