Monday, 24 October 2016

Damovo launches Cloud aggregation platform ‘Aquila’

Damovo, a leading enterprise communications solutions and services provider, has announced the launch of Aquila, a new cloud aggregation platform which brings all of Damovo's offerings in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), Enterprise Networking and Contact Centres to the cloud. With Aquila, Damovo addresses the needs of enterprises that are looking for customisable, secure and reliable cloud solutions that provide optimised total cost of ownership, increased agility, the utilisation of existing assets, and a bridge to the digital future.

Customer centric modular approach

Damovo Aquila offers enterprises an extensive cloud portfolio which can be deployed as a tailored solution, depending on the individual needs of each customer. Aquila includes a number of best-of-breed cloud products in Unified Communications and Collaboration, Enterprise Networking and Contact Centres, based on technology from market-leading vendors such as Mitel, Cisco, HPE and Blue Jeans.

Damovo Aquila is supported from three multi-lingual Network Operations Centres across Europe, including Dublin, that provide 24x7x365 support. The Aquila service layer is designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise customers - delivering exceptionally fast 30 minute SLAs for high priority issues, reducing risk, creating transparency and ensuring business continuity.

Lowering barriers to the cloud

"With this new, modular approach we lower the barriers for customers who want to move to the cloud,” says Alexander Janssens, Head of Group Cloud Propositions at Damovo. "We work in partnership with the customer in order to identify the best way for them to embark on their cloud journey. We then offer a complementary range of cloud solutions tailored to their individual requirements – now and into the future. With Aquila, enterprises will retain the freedom of choice and control they need whilst at the same time benefiting from the considerable advantages that the cloud delivers.”

Glen Williams, CEO at Damovo: “The launch of Aquila is a significant development for all of our customers. In today’s fast moving digital world it is important that enterprises have the agility and flexibility to be innovative and competitive. I am very confident and proud that our new one-stop cloud solution will enable many companies to step into the digital future. Once on this journey, we will ensure our customers always have access to the latest technologies in order to stay ahead in a fast moving, constantly evolving world.”