Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mobile reception causing trouble for NI rural business

Nobody expects mobile phone reception to as good in rural areas as in city or towns. But there is an expectation of service that travels to all areas. When a provider offers a national service that is what people expect.

But rural business is suffering from under investment in mobile and broadband. It is something that many feel has reached a critical problem. We have been recently contacted by many business in border areas, of Fermanagh to help get there story out.

About a month ago, the o2 mast started to drop o2 UK signal, either leaving people with no signal or a request to connect with o2 IRL its border operation in the Republic or Ireland. This continued much to every bodies surprise into a second week and then a third.

When people called o2 to complain and ask what was happening they got comments from o2 ranging from 'we are doing an upgrade of the mast to 4G' to 'system down due to technical fault' , 'weather issues' but yet in week 4 the problem still arises.

The email on the o2 site for complaints returns all emails as returned and the 202 customer service number rings as a dead line from o2 phones.

Rural business are already worried about the Brexit vote and how this will effect them, adding the customers cannot get in contact adds to these concerns.

We have asked o2 to respond to this and we will update once we receive a reply.