Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Netflix Phishing attack on Irish Cancellations

ESET Ireland warns of a phishing email purporting to come from Netflix, claiming cancelled account

You know the drill by now. A known company or institution name, a warning email and a link to click, to make it all good again. If it’s not Revenue, AIB or Bank of Ireland, it’s PayPal, iTunes or as this week, Netflix.

The email subject states “Netflix cancellation” and pretends to be coming from Netflix helpdesk. The email reads:

We're sorry to say goodbye

We've cancelled your Netflix Account. This change will be effective .

If you’ve changed your mind and you would like to continue, simply click here: to enjoy TV shows & movies without interruption.

We hope you enjoyed the service – and we'd love to have you back someday.

–The Netflix Team

The provided link then directs the victims to a phishing website, where they are asked to fill in their personal details, including their credit card number. You know where it goes from there…