Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rural IT firm supporting Euro tech business

You would not think that a small startup in a village in Fermanagh would be offering technical support to a business in Germany, The Netherlands and Ireland, but ThreeSixtyFour is providing live support, and management to a number of online enterprises from its offices in Belcoo.

Launched this year, ThreeSixtyFour offers a number of services, from Live technical assitance to online reputation management.  With the increased use of online websites to contact companies, even the smaller enterprises need a way of supporting there customers.

The business focus is to offer services across Europe and build a new client portfolio. The team all based in the rural enterprise centre, just next to the border with the Republic of Ireland.

It is great to see technology business locate to rural Fermanagh says local residents. This will hopefully increase skilled employment in the future.

The company was plans to push into Europe and establish a client base with its White Label IT services.
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