Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thanksgiving scam in Irish mailboxes

ESET Ireland has spotted a Thanksgiving scam targeting Irish mailboxes, although I guess no one told the scammers we don’t do Thanksgiving in Ireland.

The email claims the receiver has a Thanksgiving card waiting for them, and appears to come from someone that calls themselves “bananaking”.

If one clicks the “View Card” button in the email, which they shouldn’t, but if they do, they’re taken to a website that first displays what appears to be a video, but it doesn’t play. Instead it has another “View card” button.

Then if someone clicks “View Card” again, which they shouldn’t, but if they do, they’re re-directed to an advertising scam site, offering a “photobook” for your friends, for $9.99.

And then, if someone clicks “Create and Send Photo Book”, which they shouldn’t, but if they do, they are again re-directed to a page which tries to gain access to their Facebook profile, including their friends lists, email addresses and photos.

You definitely don’t want to click that last one, as giving access to parts of your Facebook profile to scammers is never a good idea.

So remember, stay safe and think before you click!

Screenshots of the scam are available in ESET Ireland’s blog post.