Tuesday, 10 January 2017

20% of people would rather lose a pet than their smartphone

While we may refer to ourselves a nation of pet lovers, almost 20% of Irish people would rather lose their pet than their smartphone, a survey commissioned by Low.ie has revealed. With 10.4% of respondents agreeing with this statement and 8.92% strongly agreeing, the results of the Low.ie Smartphone Survey have left pets across Ireland gnashing their teeth and shaking in their fur!

The study of 500 smartphone users, which was conducted by Catalyst Market Research on behalf of Low.ie, also found that smartphones involve a significant investment for most of us, with 62.23% revealing their smartphnes are worth €300 or more. Despite this, our reputation as a nation of risk takers is given further substance as a whopping 75.05% stated that they don’t bother to have these invaluable gadgets insured.

Unfortunately that risk doesn’t pay off with more than 40% of survey participants stating that their smartphones had either been damaged but repairable (32.32%) or broken beyond repair (8.28%) over the past two years. A further 11.51% of participants said their phones had been either lost or stolen, with 72.05% paying up to €100 to have their gadget fixed.

A very honest 38.58% of respondents admitted going the extra mile to save their smartphone, rescuing it from the toilet after accidentally dropping it in, giving a whole new meaning to toilet talk. Meanwhile, another 35.96% of respondents said they had left their phone behind in a taxi, hotel or plane.

For anyone who has experienced one of these tricky issues, they will be happy to hear that Low.ie is now offering all new Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Income Protection and Serious Illness customers free smartphone insurance for one year.

With the average gadget insurance policy costing approx. seven euro a month, this could amount to a sizable saving of anywhere between €84 in insurance payments and up to €800 for the cost of a new phone and outstanding phone plan.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Peter O’Reilly, Director, Low.ie, said: “We know how important life insurance is to individuals and families and whilst not in the same category – you are in big trouble when you lose or damage or have your phone stolen as they are invaluable for both work and everyday living. It came as a great surprise to us that so few appear to have these crucial gadgets insured.

“At Low.ie we recognise the important role that smartphones play in peoples’ lives with many of our customers coming to us through this channel. With this in mind we’re delighted to offer our customers complete peace of mind that, whatever happens their phones during the year, Low.ie has them covered with free 12 months mobile phone insurance.”