Thursday, 9 February 2017

Clanwilliam Health and VideoDoc announce innovative new partnership

Clanwilliam Health and VideoDoc announce innovative new partnership to provide online GP consultation technology across extensive network

Patients across the country will be able to access GP care from comfort of their homes.

Clanwilliam Health and VideoDoc today announced an innovative new partnership, that will enable all GPs across Ireland using a Clanwilliam health system to hold video consultations with their patients. The new technology will allow clinicians to offer their patients face to face appointments from the comfort of the patients’ own homes. Patients and doctors alike will benefit from a service that is quick, convenient, trusted and secure.

Video consultation will be available in all Clanwilliam Health GP software’s by the end of Q2 this year. Primarily for minor ailments or straightforward consultations, doctors will now have the ability to triage, treat, diagnose, prescribe and follow up with patients. 

VideoDoc and Clanwilliam Health will be kicking off a series of regional roadshows in April to work with GPs on rolling out the new technology.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr.Robert Kelly, Medical Director of VideoDoc said “We are delighted to be partnering with Clanwilliam Health, to bring telemedicine capability to the greater network of GP surgeries in Ireland. This service utilises modern technology to address service concerns of today, overcoming growing patient concerns such as accessibility in rural locations, unnecessary spread of infection, or being able to see your GP without having to take time off work”.

Eileen Byrne, Managing Director, Clanwilliam Health said: “Video consultations will enable GPs to care for their patients in a virtual environment. It’s an innovative feature which does not replace the traditional GP visit, but rather is a supplement to it. For older patients or people in remote locations, it means you can have access to your trusted GP without having to travel. This technology allows GPs to follow up with their patients, to monitor their progress and ensure that they are being given optimum care.”

VideoDoc is offered through a web portal and mobile application (iOS & Android). It has been built with patient privacy in mind and complies with Ireland’s Data Protection Act and the US HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).