Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Irelands Insight signs accord with data centre, Netherlands

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the largest data science centre in the Netherlands.  The five year agreement is designed to develop a greater understanding between the two institutions and to cooperate in academic areas such as staff exchange, student exchange, joint research and training.

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is Ireland’s largest data science research body, and this collaboration with the Amsterdam Data Centre is part of Insight’s continuing programme of outreach to the largest data centres across Europe.

‘The Amsterdam Data Centre, like Insight, is a large flagship data research institute with the scale and expertise to make a big impact on global data R&D,” says Insight Director Professor Alan Smeaton. ‘By working together we can increase the reach of both institutes, with benefits for students and researchers and for data science.’

‘There is a great deal of shared expertise between our two Centres. We also have shared values: we want to develop data technologies that benefit communities and the economy. We want to pursue excellent and responsible research that advances data science and bolsters our research ecosystem.’

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a 400 strong national data research centre developing technologies in a wide range of fields including connected health, smart cities, semantic web and media analytics. The Centre has over 40 industry partners and was established by Science Foundation Ireland in

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