Monday, 1 May 2017

Rural Location, Global Reach

A small village in rural Fermanagh, Northern Ireland just a stones throw away from the Irish border may not be a place you would think for a high tech business, But a new startup based in a village of less than 400 people is offering a range of IT based services direct to web based business across UK and Europe.

With fibre broadband a much wanted commodity in any rural community, hearing stories of tech businesses setting up in small villages once it is installed, adds fuel to the fire, to the get governments to push for more Fibre broadband in Rural areas.

In less than a year, ThreeSixtyFour has won contracts to provide services to many businesses across Europe. Offering Live Customer support and service via Live chat, Social Media and content management.

Working under the customers brand ThreeSixtyFour offers a direct live link to customers in real time. Currently the business has customers in Amersterdam, Ireland, UK and Denmark.

The business has plans to expand further and grow into new locations, and offer more services.

For the time being the team are pleased with the initial response to their services. For further info on what they offer, visit -