Saturday, 15 July 2017

French Patrouille Trenchant Pilots, taking part in this year’s Bray Air Display

A group of past BT Young Scientist & Technology participants who developed projects in the aeronautical and engineering fields have been given the opportunity by BT Ireland to have a meet and greet with the participating pilots of this year’s Bray Air Display.

The pilots include the Irish Air Corps, Swedish Air Force, British Spitfire and Seafires and the French Patrouille Trenchant Pilots to name but a few.

The students participated in BTYSTE and entered projects related to aeronautics and engineering, from turbo engines to drones. This opportunity will give them a chance to discuss their projects in great detail and BTYSTE’s hopes it will continue to inspire them in the future.

Sé Pardy, Aer Lingus Captain and Bray Air Display Director, said “ The Bray Air Display, which is now in its 12th year, has grown to be immensely popular and is now renowned as one of the finest air displays in Europe. We are proud to showcase the very ‘best of the best’ in terms of both home-grown and international aviation talent.

We are delighted to be able to facilitate a meet and greet for the BTYSTE students who have already shown so much innovation and creativity with their projects. We hope that the thrilling displays of aerobatic expertise on show this weekend will inspire many more young people to consider an exciting and rewarding career in aviation”

Mari Cahalane, head of BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, said “ We firmly believe that students interests in STEM should be fostered and encouraged at every opportunity. The Bray Air Display demonstrates the real-life uses of STEM innovation in an exciting way for all, and we want to thank them for giving this opportunity to the students. We want to show students who are interested in aviation and aeronautics the opportunities out there and the many possibilities a career in STEM offers. This will be a great event for the students, the pilots and everyone who attends.”

The meet and great has been organised as part of the BTYSTE 2018 campaign ‘It Starts Here’ which has been designed to highlight how careers such as aeronautical engineering starts with fostering an interest in STEM at an early age