Thursday, 10 August 2017

Esports pushed into Mainstream

Esports has proven that it is no longer something that can be shrugged off or laughed at.

Competitive gaming has shifted from live streams on the internet to prime time on networks like ESPN and TBS.

Seemingly everyone now wants a piece of the esports pie, from collegiate leagues forming with scholarship money on the line to professional sports leagues like the NBA sponsoring their own eleagues.

Even the IOC is considering it for the 2024 Olympic Games! But who stands to benefit most from the proliferation of esports?

While gamers might seem like the most obvious answer, given the millions of dollars in prizes given out each year - advertisers, developers and broadcasters might benefit even more.

The BI Intelligence report on the esports ecosystem dissects the growing market for competitive gaming. This comprehensive, industry-defining report contains more than 30 charts and figures that forecast audience growth, average revenue per user, and revenue growth.

In full, the report illuminates the business of esports from four angles:
The gaming nucleus of esports, including an overview of popular esport genres and games; the influence of game publishers, and the spectrum of strategies they adopt toward their respective esport scenes; the role of esports event producers and the tournaments they operate.

The esports audience profile, its size, global reach, and demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes; the underlying factors driving its growth; why they are an attractive target for brands and broadcasters; and the significant audience and commercial crossover with traditional sports.
esports media broadcasters, including digital avant-garde like Twitch and YouTube, newer digital entrants like Facebook and traditional media outlets like Turner’s TBS Network, ESPN, and Canal Plus; their strategies and successes in this space; and the virtual reality opportunity.

esports market economics, with a market sizing, growth forecasts, and regional analyses; an evaluation of the esports spectacle and its revenue generators, some of which are idiosyncratic to this industry; strategic planning for brand marketers, with case studies; and an exploration of the infinite dynamism and immense potential of the esports economy.

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