Thursday, 10 August 2017

Office 365 Fake login requests

ESET Ireland has identified another potentially dangerous phishing scam that aims to gather Microsoft Office 365 logins via a faked FedEx email.
The cybercriminals are sending a fresh email that looks like it’s coming from FedEx and says “you have an important package waiting” and offers a link where you can “track” it.
Clicking the link takes you to a phishing page, on what appears to be a compromised Indian website, which asks you to sign in with your Office 365 details in order to “confirm delivery address”.
Once you hand over your Office 365 logins to the cybercriminals, for them to use and abuse, you’re redirected to the real FedEx website. Quick, dirty but effective phishing!
ESET Ireland recommends deleting such emails upon receiving them, without clicking any links contained in them or opening any attachments they carry.
See ESET Ireland’s official blog for the full story and screenshots.