Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Science and Technology subjects making an impact this year- BTYSTE

Organisers of the BT Young Scientists & Technology Exhibition have commended 58,550 students who completed the Leaving Cert this year and welcomed the reports that STEM subjects appear to be on the rise.

Mari Cahalane head of the BTYSTE said, “ We are delighted to see such positive and encouraging results in relation to the STEM subject uptake and indeed the level of the results in comparison to previous years. Whilst it is hard to compare, due to the new marking system, the news is positive for all STEM subjects and really indicates the shift in attitude to these extremely important subjects. This news is particularly welcome as more and more jobs are forecasted within STEM industries, with the American National Science Foundation’s recent report indicating that 80%of jobs globally within the next decade will require science, technology or maths skills”.

BTYSTE own recent research found that, out of the students who took part in BTYSTE in recent years, 77% of those surveyed continued on to study a STEM subject in third-level education. This shows that engagement in initiatives, like BTYSTE, are important particularly at second-level to nurture and retain interest. Such a holistic approach to science education is vital for Ireland to continue to produce necessary world class STEM graduates.”