Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cyber Security Technology

Cybersecurity technology should be on every enterprise's shopping list this year. With the likes of Equifax and Deloitte being left red-faced, out of pocket and short of customers, new data shows businesses are learning fast as security and privacy products have been the most sold software in the first half of 2017. This increase in spending may bode well when new data protection regulations come into force next year.
2Checkout (formerly Avangate), a leader in eCommerce, payments and subscription billing solutions, will be releasing its First Half 2017 benchmark report on Digital Commerce Trends in Software & Online Services Sales. Here are the key findings:
  • The need for Cyber Protection: Security and privacy products are the most popular software purchase globally, accounting to 30% of total software sold.
  • Time to get digital: The likes of Adobe is gaining stronger ground with multimedia and design software at 23%.
  • UK second in global software spending: The United States accounts for half of global sales of software, SaaS and online services, followed distantly by the UK in second place and Germany in third.