Monday, 30 October 2017

Online GP consultations witness dramatic surge across Ireland during Ophelia

VideoDoc , Irelands leading telehealth provider, has stated that the number of users on their platform on Monday increased by 100% during the storm. The telehealth company, who provides access to an IMC registered GP within 3 minutes as well as providing the technology for GPs to triage their own patients, was offering free online GP visits on Monday as the vast majority of GP surgeries across Ireland were closed.

Speaking of the figures was Mary O’Brien CEO VideoDoc, “ When we heard on the News how bad Ophelia was going to be and that medical care would be limited, we immediately reacted to push out word that our GPs were available online free of charge all day. Aswell as a dramatic increase of users, we also had a much higher uptake of GPs working from our system. This week’s events show how online consultations, for basic triage and care, can seriously support our traditional health care system in Ireland”.