Thursday, 16 November 2017

Augment Reality Competition - for Tourism NI

Tourism NI has launched a new £70,000 competition to encourage tourism-focused innovation in Augmented Reality (AR). The competition is being run in partnership with the Department for Communities, Digital Catapult NI, Matrix and the Small Business Research Initiative.
The competition is seeking to promote and test in market the deployment of AR technology in tourism contexts. AR technology makes it possible to layer digital enhancements over an existing reality or real life scenario.
The themes for the contest include multilingual signposting and way-finding, immersive storytelling and the provision of an enhanced visitor experience at remote or unmanned tourist and historic heritage sites.
To apply you must propose a solution which:
  • responds to one or both of the challenges
  • is creatively, technically or commercially innovative
  • has wider tourism marketplace potential beyond the challenge consortium
  • considers the supporting operating and commercial models
The deadline for competition applications is Thursday 7 December 2017.
Application forms and other documents are available on the Tourism NI website.