Monday, 4 December 2017

AI Conference - Free 5th Dec

This powerful statement lays the foundation of our upcoming webinar-debate: Robots vs. Human or the Future of Work, this Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 3.00 PM Central European Time.

Our 2 prominent speakers include:

  • Daniel Theobald, Co-Founder of Vecna Robotics, a top tiers robot maker, will share his views about the need for robots, AI in the workplace and how it has already created more jobs than projected in key manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. He will also discuss the premises of co-existing with artificial intelligence and what to expect.

  • Goran Roos, Member of the South Australia Economic Development Board will assess how policy makers can make or break AI/Robot innovation and revolution. He will discuss what incentives for corporations to help retrain people, whether the robot tax is a valid proposition to fund workforce digital reskilling and  what regulations can be drafted to protect human jobs.

Tune-in at 3.00 PM Central European Time this Tuesday 5 December 2017 for an epic debate where your live questions will be answered by the speakers.